Black Friday Friction

October 23, 2019 2 min read

Black Friday Friction

There's no way the Australian Black Friday bandwagon will slow down this year. In fact, we fully expect it to outdo last year’s performance by a mile! 

Despite having their origins in the US, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have become really popular in Australia with both retailers and customers alike, forever changing our online shopping calendar. Outside of the Boxing Day sales, the last couple of weeks of November are when stores across the country offer some of their biggest discounts and incentives across a myriad of products (ranging from clothing to action sports to baby products) to entice shoppers.

Retailers are definitely reaping the benefits of adopting the Black Friday sale period, with November 2018 recording the highest online retail turnover to date, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The ABS reports that overall Australian retail turnover rose 3.6% during Black Friday 2018 compared to the previous year. 

So that is a clear indication that us Aussies love a bargain buy while comfortably kicked back on the couch with a device in hand. 

It is a given that Black Friday sales appear to be getting increasingly attractive for online retailers...are you ready to take advantage in your store!!

Lets have a look at some Black Friday Friction points to overcome in order to increase your conversions.

Because generally it is not traffic issues over this period it is Revenue Optimisation!

These are just some of the many possible “friction-points” we have identified…

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Mobile Issues
  • Complicated Sales Flow
  • Visual Complexity
  • Lack Of Clarity
  • Broken Code
  • Glitchy Themes
  • External Payment Options
  • Too Many Colors On Page
  • Hidden or Missing Search Bar
  • Improper Use of Tags
  • Bad Filtering On Category Pages
  • Poor Images or Image Choice
  • Incorrect Use Of Reviews
  • Poor Navigation
  • Incorrect Use Of PopUps
  • Mobile layout issues
  • Poor Product Descriptions
  • Too Many Form Fields
  • Slow Page Load Times
  • Incorrect Usage Of Social Links
  • No Unique Value Proposition
  • Lack of Trust
  • Wasted Above The Fold Space
  • Complicated/Confusing Cart
  • Poor User Experience
  • No Social Proof
  • Complicated Store Theme

There’s more.... but you get the idea

Where to start? WellBlack Friday 2019 will be on Friday, 29 November so you do have time to be ready and take advantage.
If you are pressed for time or require any help with the above friction points then we would love to touch base and help get your store ready to could really make a difference to your bottom line this year and beyond. Contact us Now

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