What Impact Do Trust Badges Have on Conversions and Sales

August 09, 2019 3 min read

What Impact Do Trust Badges Have on Conversions and Sales

Customer trust has always been a big deal. But now it’s more important than ever!

Customer trust is a key brand differentiator that can make or break a business. It’s integral to a company’s self-perseverance and long-term sustainability. That’s why it’s something that brands need to take seriously.

One area where customers are particularly vulnerable is when they’re giving out personal information. If mishandled, it can make them victims of identity theft, which can affect their finances, create stress and take an emotional toll.

Trust badges (or trust seals) are a way brands are put their customers at ease. But do they really work? Will trust badges make customers feel more comfortable handing over sensitive information online and increase your conversions and sales?

We have noticed recently with stores we manage that trust badges and information icons have been working extremely well for conversions and sales.
Lets have dive in and take a look at why.

Shopping cart abandonment is an issue that plagues many e-commerce stores. Barilliance reports that on average, brands lose 75% of sales because of this.
And in some industries, the average shopping cart abandonment can be as high as 83.6 percent.

One of the main reasons for this high average is concerns about payment security.
And this is totally understandable. Data security has been a huge problem as of late. It’s nearly impossible not to hear about a recent data breach in the news. 

So consumers want to know that any company they do business with is following online security best practices and their payment information will be safe.

If there’s any doubt, a good portion of online shoppers simply won’t go through with the transaction. And this goes beyond online payments. Many people aren’t comfortable with sharing personal information on sign up pages, information portals and so on.

Trust Badges and Services Icons as a Solution

To combat this problem, more and more companies are adding trust badges and services offered icons to their sites.

A trust badge is a symbol placed on your website that ensures your visitors that the page is legitimate and that all their data is collected through secure third-party service providers.

The trust seal company that agrees to place their badge on your website confirms that your business is authentic, therefore users know that all processes taking place on your website are safe and secure.

With just a glance, consumers know that you’re taking measures to keep their information secure, which helps your brand appear more trustworthy.

Here’s another example of trust badges in action.

If there was any doubt as to your company’s level of online security, a trust badge should put it to rest. Or at the very least, reduce a customer’s anxieties plus you can add your offerings such as free shipping, gift wrapping, easy returns, 30 day guarantee etc.
Plus you can customise the trust badges and services icons to be on brand with your colour ways and styles.

Where to Place Trust Badges

There are two main places you’ll want to add trust badges. One is the checkout page.

This helps people who were considering abandoning their shopping cart get over the hump. It creates trust at an incredibly important time and increases the likelihood that a customer goes through with the transaction. Usually, you’ll want to place them right near the checkout button. That way, a shopper’s eyes will naturally gravitate toward the trust badges.

The other is on landing pages when you’re asking for personal information.

Remember that it’s not just payment card information that people are wary of sharing. It’s anything that can lead to identity theft. Their name, address, social security number, and even medical information can potentially be used by cyber-criminals. But you can set their minds at ease by strategically incorporating trust seals whenever you’re asking for sensitive information.

For landing pages, we would generally recommend placing them within close proximity to your call to action. However, you’ll probably want to perform some A/B testing to see what the optimal location is.

There’s no denying that they have a positive impact on conversions and sales and are great for quelling the fears of consumers plus you can easily explain your offerings via strategic icons and wording.

If you would like more information or you would like ourselves to add customised branded trust badges and services icons to your store please CONTACT US and we are happy to help.

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