Shopify Tweaks & Optimisation


Need tweaks & optimisations to your Shopify store? 

Shopify tweaks often requested by store owners:

  • Optimising Your Avatar
  • Adding/Removing Theme Functionality
  • Optimising Menu's
  • Reward & Loyalty Program Implementation 
  • Subscription - Reoccurring Orders 
  • Product Review Optimisation  
  • Freight/Shipping Integration
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Up-sell Integrations
  • Audit Of Existing Apps 
  • Email Segmentation Marketing Set Up
  • Product Bundles
  • Implement Customised Solutions etc

Think of us as your partner who’s available to make tweaks and optimisations to your store as your business progresses. 

Not sure how many tweaks you need? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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